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Can control and monitor the individual milking, feeding and animal health of each individual cow. Displays important information at the right times: Milking time & milk performance, SCC data, Veterinary warnings, Milking & washing temperature, and much more. Has next-generation touchpad technology, which is: Extremely robust, easy to clean, completely waterproof, uses smart technology, guaranteeing the latest features and capabilities. The temperature is constantly displayed during the washing process. The wash sequences are synchronized and wash can be activated from any of the devices. Built-in diagnostics in the unit including individual teat rubber warning. Advanced pulsator control that results in reduced energy consumption and longer equipment life.
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The right information at the right time:

Farms are getting bigger and bigger all the time, and there is less time to show the individual animal attention. It is absolutely crucial to have the right information at the right time. Swiftflo Commander now offers a whole new level of intelligent information for monitering and controlling each cow's milking, feeding and animal health.

Intervention option at your fingertips, easy to use:

Swiftflo Commander displays important information such as milk yield, milking time, somatic cell count data for each cow and more. One press of a key and you control the feed effortlessly at each milking unit. You can also see if the cow is in heat and separate this cow for insemination or further control with another press of a key. The facility also shows when newly calved cows enter the milking parlor so that the colostrum can be separated. It uses speech technology to provide the farmer with information at a time when he can respond to it.

Swiftflo Commander uses the latest Smart Update technology, so future updates can be installed in minutes, making it the obvious choice.


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