Aarslevgaard farm

Welcome to Årslevgård, a proud and traditional farm located in the heart of Årslev (6230 Rødekro). Here you will find an impressive herd of 500 dairy cows and an agricultural area of 160 hectares, testifying to our dedication to farming life.

Our work centers around combining classic farming methods with new technology to ensure both productive and environmentally responsible farming.

At Årslevgård, we prioritize a strong connection to the local community. We work to create an environment where the local community can engage in agricultural life, learn about farming practices and understand the importance of sustainable food production. This commitment manifests itself in various initiatives and partnerships with local educational institutions and organizations.



Our commitment to the local community is also reflected in our plans to establish community gardens on the farm.

These vegetable gardens are designed to give people the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and learn about sustainable food production. We see this as a great way to bring people closer to agriculture and nature. The community gardens will not only serve as a learning space for children and adults, but also as a place for community and collaboration.

Our forest area is another important element at Årslevgård. This area is not only part of our responsibility towards nature, but also a place for recreational use and educational activities. We focus on preserving and promoting biodiversity in this area, which contributes to a healthier and more balanced environment.



We understand the importance of keeping up with the times and continuously improving our methods and techniques. That's why we are always open to innovation and new ideas that can improve our operations and minimize our environmental footprint. Our long-term vision is to expand our reach and continue to contribute to a more sustainable future for agriculture.

For more information about Årslevgård, our daily operations or how you can visit us, please feel free to contact us.


You can follow everyday life on the farm on Facebook: Årslevgård Landbrug


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