Milcotec turns 10 in great shape

Milcotec turns 10 in great shape

18 March 2018
Milcotec turns 10 in great shape

Milcotec turns 10 in great shape

Brokerage of used milking robots got Milcotec off to a tremendous start. Since then, the firm has become a dealer in milking systems, automatic milk feeders and cleaning products. A distinctive aspect of Milcotec is its leasing out of milking robots and mobile milking systems. Finance is taken care of by its own finance company, Milcotec Finans.

The tenth birthday of Milcotec ApS has come and gone without fanfare.

Not the least illustration of how well things have gone for Milcotec is that the firm was named as a Gazelle Company by Børsen three years in a row, in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The owner of the company, 53-year-old Gerth Petersen, founded Milcotec on 13 November 2007 to the day, together with Iver Mørk. The two had a shared past at Lely and now opted to join forces to set up in their own right.

In 2010, Iver Mørk sold his half of the firm to Gerth Petersen in order to found his own company. Gerth Petersen was all alone in the firm for a couple of years after that.

‘As many people probably remember, we started up as a broker of used milking robots. That exceeded all expectations in the early years and then rather slackened off’, recalls Gerth Petersen.

DairyMaster dealer

To get things moving, in 2011 Milcotec became a DairyMaster milking system dealer in both Denmark and Sweden. This activity is now carried on by a subsidiary, Dairy Systems Danmark.

‘It took a lot of hard work to get DairyMaster established in the Danish market. In the last 2 or 3 years, though, Danish dairy farmers have really taken to the Irish brand’, says Gerth Petersen.

In March 2012, the next new activity was added: servicing of Lely milking robots. The next step in the development of Milcotec was taken in 2014, when the company got the dealership of Kilco cleaning products for all types of milking system – a natural complement to the rest of the firm’s product mix.

Own finance company

The following year, in May 2015, the Southern Jutland-based company became a dealer of Germany’s Urban automatic milk feeders, which have been a big hit in the market.

In April 2017, Milcotec took the significant step of setting up its own finance company, Milcotec Finans. ‘By having our own finance company, we have made ourselves largely independent of the financial institutions. The finance company has proven to be a really good asset for us, as it helps to increase our turnover by financing both purchase contracts and rental contracts,’ explains Gerth Petersen.

Milking equipment rental

‘We rent out both milking robots and mobile milking systems’, he says.

Milcotec now has 14 employees altogether. Five of them are service engineers, three work in the warehouse, there are three in the admin department and three are salespeople. The company also specializes in used and reconditioned spare parts.

‘Not the least of our strength lies in the fact that we are the only ones in our industry providing finance and leasing. In addition, we have some highly skilled employees who specialize in repairs, the construction of new milking systems and the extension of existing ones’, says Gerth Petersen.

‘I expect we will continue to grow in the years to come’, he concludes.



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